Naziv projekta: Karisma Adriatic Hotels – Hotel Nimfa Živogošće hotel 4 zvjezdice
Datum instalacije Lipanj 2015

The hotels sound system is designed to have several different zones and two aditionall systems for detached buildings. Zones that have music separately controlled are: Reception, Lobby, Restaurant, Restaurant outside area, Outdoor pool area, Gym, Massage rooms, Relax, Offices and halls and connecting areas. The two additional buildings are Pool Bar and Grill Bar. We use combined products of Apart and BIAMP. System is designet to have a nice and calm background sound and a pumped fittnes area for better workout .

Popis instalirane opreme:

Zvučnici: SPH20, MASK 6TW, MASK 4TW, CMX 20T, CM 6T, CM6E, SUB A-165,
Aktivna oprema: MIC PAT D, PC 1000R, PCR3000R, PMR 4000R, REVAMP 4120T, REVAMP 4240T.

Tesira Forte AI


Izjava korisnika:
A system with nice, calming sound that has the power where it needs to be heared, and abowe all it is easy to use!



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