Wireless remote control panel for PM1122WR

The PM1122W is the wireless remote control for the PM1122, Apart’s multifunctional 2-stereo zone pre-amplifier. This ultra flat controller is only 15mm thin and truly wireless! Because it works on a lithium battery there is no power cable.

Because of its ultra-flat design it can be placed everywhere. No breaking required! It’s very thin and you can stick it on a wall, a boardroom table, a lecturer’s desk, eg… It’s ideal for those situations where an installer cannot use fixed cabling like meeting rooms with movable walls, historic venues and the like. This wireless receiver comes with a Niko faceplate included.

Through this remote control, it is possible to control the source selection, microphone volume and music volume control of a zone on a PM1122 pre-amplifier.

  • Sadrži funkcije:
  •   • kontroler jačine glazbe,
  •   • selektor linijskog ulaza i



  •   • Napajanje: baterija (dolazi u paketu)
  •   • Dimenzije H x W: 85 x 85mm (15mm dubina)
  •   • Masa: 260g
  •   • Način povezivanja: Wireless






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